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Weekend at Wilmington!
What a Time We Had!

We had a birthday party and hundreds came and helped us celebrate our fiftieth anniversary!

Our second show at Roberts Centre featured our 50th Anniversary celebration, a display of memorabilia from past shows, a huge anniversary cake, and a bonus: an increase in entries to more than 1000 dogs each day for the first time in more than a decade.

Success brought some problems: The increase in entries caused a last minute scramble to find additional judges and reassign some breeds, and grooming space was taxed to the hilt until the Roberts staff opened a back area to help with overflow.

Success brought some problems: The increase in entries caused a last minute scramble to find additional judges and reassign some breeds, and grooming space was taxed to the hilt until the Roberts staff opened a back area to help with overflow.  (We’re already better prepared for 2017: we’ve rented the fourth ballroom to expand both ring and grooming space and will hire more judges. Superintendent Foy Trent sent an e-mail to this year’s exhibitors explaining the situation; you can see the letter and graphics of the enlarged grooming and ring space here.

Institution of a scholarship for junior handlers brought 35 young people to compete each day, our largest group of juniors in many years. The Neapolitan Mastiff Club of America held its national specialty with us, and Mastiffs, Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, Rottweilers, Boxers, Shelties, and Weimaraners held regional specialties. Clubs for these breeds, Boston Terriers, Bernese Mountain Dogs and Vizslas also held supported entries. It was also our first Foundation Stock Service show, so spectators had a chance to see rare breeds such as the Barbet, a hunting dog from France, and the Dutch Shepherd, a herding dog from the Netherlands.

Other weekend features included our popular raffle, a two day health fair, a club information booth, a variety of vendors, a Canine Good Citizen test, a Friday rent-a-ring, and a reproduction seminar hosted by the Neapolitan Mastiff Club of America.

We’re looking forward to 2017 for an even better show, so mark your calendars for October 20-22 and plan to join us at Roberts Centre in Wilmington, Ohio!

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Wednesday, February 22

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Date: April 14-16
Location: Clermont County ; 6058 KELLS LANE, MILFORD, OHIO 45150

Obedience & Rally

Date: June 10-11
Location: Clermont County Dog Training Club
6058 Kells Lane,
Milford, OH 45150


Date: Friday, October 20 - Sunday, October 22
Location: Roberts Centre, 123 Gano Rd, Wilmington, OH 45177
(Details to be announced)

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